Jon & Stacey’s Perfect Fall Wedding

This was a very long awaited day – in fact, it was 12 years in the making. Jon & Stacey are high school sweethearts, so it was only fitting that after all this time, they got a perfect day!

You can imagine MY excitement when Jon told me they had booked an airplane hangar for the venue…like…what?? And will there be planes there? Well, I don’t think he knew for sure at the time, but he managed to find a pilot who would pick them up after the ceremony for a half hour flight. How cool is that! That is one heck of a memory!

They could not have asked for a more perfect day. The weather was made-to-order, and everything went just as planned, if not better. Stacey was beyond stunning, and I loved spending time with their entire wedding party and families. I will be talking about this day for a long time.

Jon & Stacey ~ sigh…what can I say? I have enjoyed every single step of this journey with you, and now I’m really kind of sad the wedding is over! You two have become a couple of our dearest friends, so having the pleasure to capture your wedding, as well as be guests, was amazing and an honour. Thank you so much for involving us in your planning, your rehearsal night, and most of all your new beginning. xoxo

I truly hope you enjoy this peek into your day, and hope these images tide you over until you get them all!


Venue: Hangar Weddings (aka Triple Nickel)

Officiant: Shelley Malone

Hair: Cottonwood Salon

Makeup: Top Knots and Gloss

Flowers: Floral Temptations

Aviation/Pilot: Papple Aviation

Catering: Bon Vivant